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“Am I Not Your Girl: What Does Cathy Mean When She Says ‘I am Heathcliff’?”
MA Thesis in Cultural Studies for the University of Sussex 1993.

“Breaking The Name:  Psychosis and Love in Lars Von Trier’s Breaking the Waves
Graduate Diploma in Psychoanalysis Thesis for DBS College 1998.

“The Lies, The Wish, and The Wardrobe: Homophobia, Homosexuality and the Closet on the Coach.” MSc in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Thesis for UCD/St Vincent’s Hospital 2002.

“The Last Seduction: Society, Paedophilia and the Bankruptcy of Childhood Sexuality”
MPhil in Gender and Women Studies Thesis for TCD 2006.

“Seeing Sex, Giving Voice to the Desire of those Visually Impaired From Birth”
PhD research with the School of Nursing, DCU, Sept. 2008 to the present