I am only available for appointments in Dublin on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the morning and day time. Evening appointments, which are very much in demand, are only available Monday and Tuesday evenings and thus are charged at a slightly higher rate.


One-on-One Initial Day Time Session One-on-One Initial Evening Session Couples’ Day Time Initial Session Couples’ Initial Evening Session
€80 €90 €110 €130

All sessions for individuals and couples are 45 to 50 minutes long. Rates for One-on-One Psychotherapy sessions are €80 (Day) and €90 (Evening) for the initial session and thereafter settled at €80 to €110 a session, depending on frequency of meeting, one’s commitment to the work and one’s ability to pay. Similarly, for couples the charge is €110 (Day) and €130 (Evening) for the opening session and likewise agreed thereafter at a rate of between €110 and €140. Group and Family rates are negotiable upon request, and sessions are of longer duration depending on the numbers of persons involved. The rates for an extended Psychoanalysis where shorter sessions (20-40 minutes) take place twice or three times a week are negotiated taking into consideration the client’s economic situation and their ability and desire to pay, but only when or if a further ongoing commitment to engage in a psychoanalysis is established..

I have never turned someone away due to their economic situation, and I am always open to conversations around fees where clients demonstrate a commitment to the work, rather than bargain hunting, and especially if individuals are not in full time employment, or are dedicated full-time students. I have a limited number of client places that I offer at more significantly reduced rates, but such places usually have a waiting list. If you are in serious financial need please don’t hesitate to say that, but ultimately the value you place on the work will decide the value our work has for you and your life. An honest therapeutic relationship is one place where underselling yourself or the therapist will always be detrimental if either is undervalued.

Any questions or queries, please contact me on either 01 819 8989, or 086 828 0033 or email me on ray@machna.ie